Nigerian Navy Retrieves Suspected Vessel Used In Crude Oil Theft

Posted by Channels television | 2 weeks ago

Channels television

In what is being heralded as a huge step forward in the fight against organized crude oil theft, the Nigerian Navy has recovered a vessel suspected of being engaged in illegal crude export.

Measuring 336m in length and 60m in width, the Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) called MT Heroic Idun is the size of 3 standard football fields.

It was accosted on the 8th of August within the Akpo offshore oil field where it was attempting to illegally lift crude oil.

Despite several attempts to arrest, it somehow escaped into the open ocean where she was intercepted and seized by the authorities of Equatorial Guinea.

After months of intense bilateral diplomatic negotiations between both African countries, the vessel has now been handed over to the Nigerian government. As of press time, the authorities of the Navy are yet to address the press, but they have promised a comprehensive statement on Monday.

Source: Channels television


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