Equatorial Guinea’s opposition party denounces massive fraud on election day

Posted by Daniel Stewart | 6 days ago

The Equatoguinean opposition party Convergence for Social Democracy (CPDS) has denounced "massive fraud" in the elections held this Sunday.

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"Election day (...) is taking place amid scandalous and widespread irregularities," CPDS said in a statement.

Among the irregularities, the opposition party has denounced that in the polling stations it has been demanded to take only one ballot and that, for fear of reprisals, voters choose only that of the current president, Teodoro Obiang Nguema. They have also criticized the fact that there are relatives who vote for their absent relatives.

Likewise, in many constituencies of the country, militants of the ruling party have prevented "many CPDS auditors from controlling the voting. "The CPDS auditors take hours to find the polling stations to which they were assigned because they have moved from one place to another", according to official indications, according to the opposition.

"Many have had their voter's cards confiscated for sympathizing with CPDS" so that they cannot exercise their right to vote, the party lamented. While they have also registered absence of ballots of the opponents, as well as repetitive voting.

"If Mr. (Obiang Nguema) is proclaimed winner as a result of these scandalously fraudulent elections, the CPDS will not recognize his victory and will consider him an illegitimate president," announced the party of candidate Andres Esono Ondo.

Esono Ondo, moreover, had his image suddenly frozen when he was being interviewed during the election day.

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