Passenger shipping restored after drone strike in Crimea

Posted by Daniel Stewart | 3 days ago

Passenger transport by ship has been restored Tuesday after it was briefly interrupted following a drone attack in the Crimean city of Sevastopol, which resulted in two unmanned vehicles being shot down.

Archivo - A Ukranian dron (Archivo) - Evgen Kotenko / Zuma Press / ContactoPhotoArchivo - A Ukranian dron (Archivo) - Evgen Kotenko / Zuma Press / ContactoPhoto© Provided by News 360

The Sevastopol Road Transport Infrastructure Development Directorate has reported that traffic has been restored after service was halted for safety reasons following a drone strike in the city.

"Drones are attacking Sevastopol. Air defense forces are on duty. According to preliminary data, two aircraft were shot down," Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev wrote on his Telegram profile.

The city's governor had earlier in his post stressed that there had been no injuries, while calling on the population to remain calm, Russian state news agency Interfax reported.

Last November 1 and 8 the Crimean air forces shot down drones over the waters of Sevastopol. Also on October 29 the Black Sea Fleet repelled an attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces with such devices in the area.

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