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With the increased awareness and improved media presence a lot of people are now aware that this monster "domestic violence is real. Anyone can be abused, men, women and children.

A lot of people are now talking about it, preachers are preaching against it, courts are sending a lot of perpetrators to jail etc. With all these in place a lot still need to be done especially in protecting the children especially the boy child...yes the boy child.

We are doing a lot to protect the girl child but their male counterparts are in equal danger unbeknowest to a lot of us even more so.
We are all familiar with a popular saying "men dont cry" ...Is it a doom to the menfolk?

Often times when boys are beaten along with the girls - they get stiffer punishment and the girl child is allowed to scream her guts out but once the boy child shouts, cries or wails like the girls to show pain, the elders around him scream at him to shut up that he is expected to bear it "like a man". Man?  

Do we forget that they are not men? Do we also forget the saying "that you can't beat a child and stop him from crying"? Are they children when beaten, spanked, or scolded and adult when it is time to cry? Or are they changed automatically to adults after the beating because they are boys?

A female child is better protected from predators than the male child.

At certain times of the night the female child is not sent out believing that it is unsafe for them while the male child is made to go out at night believing that it is safe for him to go even though he is almost as weak as the girl child at that age.

A mother will send her son to an all women household to play or even pass the night but will refuse if the daughter was to be in a reversed case. Why? Is he strong enough to ward off advances from adults females?

Hardly will you see a woman engage a male help to look after her baby girl and if ever it happens will watch the help like a hawk but will look the other way when roles are reversed for the boy child

Are these boys expected to beat up their abusers by themselves? Too many questions that are begging for answers.

A lot of people prey on the boys because there is scarcely evidence for their act- "Their show of shame" is as difficult to detect as proof of virginity of a man-except if they were sodomised and unfortunately most molestations are done by people we know, love and trust some of them are even paid to take care of the child so it is often difficult for the child to report such to the parents for fear of not being believed.

Stories I have heard from men have led me to believe otherwise.

The boy child is not as safe as the society leads us to believe. A lot of men have confessed to haven been introduced to sex by househelps, relations, mum's friends, older ladies (boys and men of recent) that are thrown into their lives from time to time and these happen even before age 10. Despite the awareness and increase in number of victims the protection of the male child has scarcely been improved on

Signs to watch out for

1. The person that is always in the child's company that he refuses to go to or play with once you are around
2. The person that is way too friendly to your boy

Please note that the above may not always show that the child is abused but just remember that we can never be too careful with life.

Fifty shades of grey can pretty much give us an insight on the extent a child can be changed. Some  grow up to become abusers starting an unending trend while some end up committing suicide in extreme cases

Do not wait for an emergency situation before you start exercising caution. We live once.
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5 Oct 2019 03:58:22am
Interesting piece. The male child needs protection for real. So many silent victims out there.

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