My beautiful dress ruined my first relationship

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When a girl gets to her teen years, changes begin to occur in her body, she becomes so conscious of these changes that it invariably makes her feel that there is a huge difference between her and the boys aside from the way they pee .

An invisible wall comes up to divide the boys and the girls gradually making it difficult for them to play together. Interests change and funnily that is when the girls drop the baby dolls and the boys ease out on footballs and bicycles and they begin to think about the opposite sex and at the same time keep a good distance from them.

When the menstrual cycle shows up the divide becomes more visible because the mums now join in ensuring that the dwarf wall becomes "kirikiri wall" because none of them wants their adorable children to become baby mamas and quit school to nurse babies that will add more expenses to the already over stretched monthly allowance.

Yes I was writing about boys talking about girls and girls talking about boys, We, the girls talked about the boys, we chose the ones we liked, quarreled over liking the same boys and chose a different one to like  everyday and every week, we fantasized about out choices.

Secretly we also wished to know if they too liked us equally if their sisters were in the fold they had to pinky swear not to let their brothers in on our 'secrets'

The boys and girls that have played together all their lives now start being shy when they meet and talk across the great divide

The bold girls start early to have relationships and the ones like us that have "Margret Thatcher" mums dare not, even if you see yourself in a dream having one you will quickly wake up and pray she doesn't catch you.

Now late teens and in the University I now feel it is time to try a relationship, that was when I met him...I will call him Chris.. in a taxi coming back from school and we got talking and found out we live in the same area in the coal city

We promised to keep in touch and then went to our different homes.

A few days later we met on my way to buy beverages for my mum, I have never been so glad to meet a boy as I was that day and was glad I wore this very beautiful dress one of my best and most people that have seen me wearing it commended it and said how good I looked in it.

He decided to escort me to the supermarket to give us enough time to chat, we strolled and talked for a while then he indicated interest in having us become an item. I was so glad he asked and even though I wanted to shout Yes! Yes! Yes! as if he was asking for my hand in marriage I decided to pretend I needed time to think it through. Hmmm think it through indeed when I have already been fantasizing about him since our first meeting hahahahaha.
 He met all the criteria I had fixed in my head, he is tall, dark and handsome -very brilliant (very important he uses GLASSES). We talked for a long while before parting ways with a  promise to see soon.

A few weeks later I met him again and guess what...I wasn't happy to see him this time around. Why? I was wearing the same dress and I guess I was a little cold, not as enthusiastic as I was the last time.

Three weeks later I met Chris again guess what again...Is the devil trying to ruin my life? Does this dress have a special pact with him? It is not my best dress so why does it feel my "new bobo" that I have not even given an answer to wants to be seeing it every time?

 Yes you guessed right i didn't to chat I just quickly rushed home and promised myself that I was going to bury that dress and not touch it for the next eight months if possible. If it was not one of my favorites I would have cut it to pieces and flushed it down the toilet. I toyed with the Idea but my love for it won so I decided to keep it out of circulation for a long long while.

Six months I never saw him even though I kept wearing other beautiful clothes and walking past his neighbourhood and his house then,
"They must have moved" I said to myself, I would have run into him judging by the fact that I deliberately choose the route that will take me close to their house for these six months

With that in mind I decided that it is now safe to bring out my dress I decided that the dress has rested enough and brought it out to wear to the market. As soon as I left the house I regretted it because standing very close to my house was Chris smiling from ear to ear I couldn't bring myself to say more than hello to him in short I couldn't speak beyond my shame... Now looking back I smile at how such trivial things and the much importance we gave them...glasses, dress handsome face, skin colour, six pack etc instead of things that matter like kindness, good character, gentility etc
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