UN asks for tougher stance on human traffickers

Posted by Will Ross | a month ago

BBC -At least 20 people travelling from Djibouti have died at sea

The UN migration agency has called for more to be done to prosecute smugglers and human traffickers following the latest drownings off Djibouti.

Survivors have described the brutal actions of smugglers operating in the Horn of Africa.

Some 200 migrants including children were crammed onto the boat in Djibouti on Wednesday morning.

Just half an hour after setting off, the smugglers forced 80 of them into the sea.

At least 20 people died.

Every year, tens of thousands of young migrants try to make it to Yemen despite the conflict there. Their aim is to reach Saudi Arabia and the neighbouring Gulf countries in search of work.

Last year there was a dramatic decrease in the number of people making the journey from Ethiopia and Somalia to Yemen, but the International Organization for Migration fears that as coronavirus controls are lifted many more lives will be lost due to the greed and brutality of the smuggling gangs.

Source: BBC

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