Lagos Police Investigating MC Oluomo’s Video, Says Force Spokesman

Posted by Emmanuel Egobiambu | 3 months ago

Mr Musiliu Akinsanya.

Force spokesman Muyiwa Adejobi says police authorities in Lagos State are investigating alleged inciteful comments credited to Musiliu Akinsanya better known as MC Oluomo. 

In a viral video, MC Oluomo who is the Chairman of the Lagos State Parks Management Committee, threatened Igbos who do not vote for the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the forthcoming governorship and House of Assembly polls.

While he came under heavy criticism for the comment, MC Oluomo later cleared the air, saying his remark was a playful one and he was referring to a sister called “Iya Chukwudi” and not Igbos in Lagos.

Hours after that, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) said the video should be regarded as a “joke” just as MC Oluomo alluded to but noted that the Lagos State Police Command is investigating the matter.

“This evening, I think the person involved MC Oluomo – I saw the video again with the woman whose name was mentioned in the earlier video – debunking that the threat is not true and it was just a joke he was making with a particular woman and the woman too came up to say it was a joke,” he said on Channels Television’s election show The 2023 Verdict on Friday.

“So, let us take it for a joke like he has said. But nobody has the right to tell Nigerians not to come out and vote. It is not allowed. It is not possible; not proper. But he has come out to debunk that it is not true. So, let us leave it that way – that it is not true and a joke within one or two persons in that area at that particular point in time. Even the CP of Lagos was on a television programme this afternoon to address that if it is true, they are investigating that matter.”

He urged Lagosians to disregard any form of threat and “come out to vote” in Saturday’s polls.

“So, we should not be flogging it,” he said, maintaining that if the threat is true, the security agency is “capable” and “know what to do”

Source: Channels television


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